Modern Staxigtone Design Chair

The chair is an important piece of furniture, the one that benefits from every little part. It’s probably one of the pieces of furniture you all have in their home and it’s probably the one in their living room who is the least usually furniture thrifty or even expensive. The chair is beautiful and eye-catching, with those comfortable pillows and the eye-catching rectangular arm. The chair is made from durable mango wood and has a simple and elegant shape without extremely comfortable padding. Be the envy of your furniture lover and get this beautiful chair.

The frame is made from solid hardwood, nut molded MDF and polyurethane with a water-based finish. The back rest has a bolster seat available in three different heights, laid back and side cushions. You can personalize the chair by choosing a bold and colorful pattern that would be fit for a modern decor in comfort and style. The chair measures 120 x 240 x 450 mm. The cushioning is 45 x 60 cm and be fitted with any kind of cushion. You can buy it for 78.38 €.

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