Guest Bedroom Design Ideas From Revamtamstyler

An all-white bedroom, no canopy or bows, with a retro feel to it. The low-set pillow paired with the vintage-style lamp topped with a flower pot, it’s such a fresh color combination that adds some traditional charm to the room. The headboard is not traditional, instead it has a clean, stylish shape that is suited to the modern sensibilities. The combination makes for a very unique bedroom design that’s warmer and more contemporary than a classic bed.

The overall look is very welcoming and stylish, outlined with tailored accessories. The colors chosen for the area above the bed are muted but muted enough to be more subtle and casual. The white elements help the room to feel neat and clean without being too casual.

The color palette is kept soft and subdued with few decorative accessories or bold shapes. The overall vibe is sophisticated but very inviting and cozy. Wooden paneling peek through the windows at the door and floor lamps, all of them simple and elegant.

The master bedroom features the same horizontally placed floor lamps as is evident in the room above it. The wooden paneling that stands on top of these light fixtures is a very charming and classy detail.

Even on the first impression it feels cold and uninviting because of the proper placement of the window and the rather traditional design of the room. Wood paneling contrasts with the white walls to create a welcoming and relaxing ambiance.

The en-suite bathroom has a luxurious and spacious feel. The marble tub and the glass shower wall, the only used colors in this room, are balanced by serene accents of brown and blue.

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