Cool Disigns A Delicate Interior With A Modern Twist

Back in the ’60s utilitarian spaces were the dark and weren’t exactly special or defined by a certain chromatic palette as much as they were by the cold touch and materiality of items very often found on the outside of the building. That’s how these collections by Peter Zaybo and Peter Zaybo have influenced the very concept of the kitchen.

These funky cabinets, cabinets comprised of thin steel poles, are designed to be put together and to create an interesting pattern. Given the simplicity of their forms and their function, the pieces are quite versatile and able to serve as is a modern, flexible and very practical central kitchen. The designs by two famous designers maintain a close relationship with the concept and everything related to it, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The unique design of these simple pieces of wood is the result of a personal and original taste for the design process and by using imperfections and slight imperfections as a means of achieving it. The panels are combined and the result is this raw beauty with modern meaning to form the desired form and function.

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The very delicate and organic lines look beautiful combined with the fact that the design represents a personalized approach. It’s the perfect mix of simplicity and complexity, proving that a creative mind can find meaning in all the little details. You can choose to use this piece as a sort of sculpture, creating a sculpture from useless bits of nothing but lightweight materials, or to turn it into a decorative piece by carefully studying the pieces underneath.

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