Villeroy And Bosch Baths – A Unique Bathtub And Sink Combination

Bathrooms require maintenance and design only and a large investment is usually worth it, considering the effect and the multiple options available. However, that applies to large companies such as Forgo and reshaping bathrooms as a way to make them more accessible and to better suite small and functional spaces.

The soap dish is a must-have in any bathroom. It’s a must-have and it’s mostly a must as it often gets overlooked by the general public. You can ignore it as a purely aesthetic element and try to hide its function. However, a bathtub or a sink can be a very important addition to any bedroom and they are often complemented by large soaker tubs. This is a collection created by studio Tom.

Villeroy And Bosch Baths – A Unique Bathtub And Sink Combination Photo 2

There are many great types of bathtubs to choose from and even more so to consider when designing a new space. Bathtubs that double as washbasins or as shower screens are among the most popular options but there are also other styles which you can choose from and today we have a few in this particular area.

In interior design studio Aguari & Guerrero Arquitectos gives a chic apartment with a spacious shower area and an open-plan kitchen. In here there are actually three distinct areas, each with its own functionality. One of them is a large, double-height space which seamlessly manages different functions inside it and was designed to look and feel comfortable and inviting.

A pink washbasin is definitely an unusual detail on a bathroom rug. But when you take into consideration all those little details and features, it doesn’t really seem that practical in this case. After all, the rug would be a big inconvenience during the day.

This contemporary apartment designed by Studio Arthur Casas has a shower built into its floor, not to mention the glass walls. The apartment has small zen niches cleverly integrated throughout the space, being complemented by a fish-themed wall-mounted vanity that also serves as a bar.

A similar design strategy was used in the bathroom of this apartment situated in Mexico City. The bathroom has a large shower and that’s exactly what you would expect, given the context. But that’s not the only elegant design strategy chosen by Studio Arthur Casas. Each of the walk-in showers has a different layout and proportions or hardware and this particular one features hairpin legs with a black finish.

Another impressive example is a residence that Ofismowork renovated. Their strategy was to create a contrasting reception area that stands out by showcasing modern and classical materials while also giving the residence a unique look. Wood and glass and elements made comfortable and inviting at the same time.

A lot of modern residences feature open floor plans. This kitchen, for example, was designed by Auhaus Architecture and has an open floor plan which incorporates the dining area, the lounge space and the kitchen.

The concept is special-shaped like this. The elongated floor plan was possible after a special competition where the kitchen was placed in the corner and the space was divided into two parts. Both of them were designed using the same materials and techniques. The rest of the floor plan is uniform and features simple differences between the tall ceiling and the walls.

The designers at Studija Arquitectura had to deal with a small space accommodating two adult kids and a single long room. The client requested a 4-meter high ceiling and a big footprint. Unfortunately, the footprint was not enough to come up with a comfortable design. The architects managed to overcome this challenge by turning this space into a family home.

The children share a bedroom and a bathroom and they each only had their own dressing room, the same ones they needed when playing. The parents were each framed by a wall clad in wallpaper and that was all. The bathrooms were also designed the same way. They feature natural stone tiles and glossy white surfaces.

The architects also focused on using colors to set the mood when the kids are alone and for that they chose teal, pink and orange as the color tones to stick out most. The decor also uses bold colors on walls and furniture such as the nightstands.

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