Serene View Of A Contemporary Structure In Amsterdam

This beautiful and expansive structure is a private residence located in Amsterdam. The house dates back to 1902 but it’s still very fresh and current even after all these years. Moreover, it’s a very stylish home with a unique and beautiful interior.

The house has been decorated by Draga and Siete Steckel Architects. It has a simple and bright interior and this is visible even when placed in casual or low-backed combinations. Since it has been restored, it also benefits from a beautiful natural surrounding. It has been beautifully maintained and it now allows a beautiful landscape to be centered around it. The residence is near the beach and it also has a private terrace. The natural and traditional architecture of the residence have been preserved and taken to another world.

The Tjefenham House was originally designed as a summer house by Mottus. Since it’s such a beautiful place, it features a timeless and natural design. The house was originally supposed to make a place for visiting friends on holiday. However, due to the fact that the plot has a triangular shape, the architects had to find a way to make it beautiful from the inside.

Even though the exterior of the house is charming and beautiful, the interior is not that impressive. The ground floor is very simple. The rooms are all basically one-room. But the living area that also functions is also very beautiful. The colors used are simple and beautifully chosen to allow the living space to feel like a quiet and relaxing space.The high ceiling throughout the house allowed all the accent pieces to stand out with their simple, white shapes and sharp detailing.

The wooden floors create a warm and pleasant atmosphere inside the house. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the décor is simple, sleek and stylish. The color palette is fresh and bright. It’s usually used for contrasts but in this case, it was used to also create contrasts with the dark finishes and mostly earthy tones.

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