Prefabricated Tree Houses In Melbourne

These projects usually have smaller designs and fewer details. We’re a very happy that this one has been a success. We’re actually calling this project the Big5 Tree Houses. The tree houses were designed by Austin Maynard Architects. They have small and fun interiors and very nice views of the botanical gardens and the wider city.This project has basically been a success. With more clients and lovers, the price tag for this project has been reduced ten percent. The design team also got to respect the clients’ wishes and preferences but didn’t do everything so than they could make the house a representation of them and they’ve also managed to create a very warm, inviting and modern home. The tree house feel modern inside and outside and the interior design is extremely beautiful and pleasant, even though the style tends to be a little more rustic and traditional.

The interior is very simple. The walls are neutral and basic. As for the house itself, the materials used are sleek and modern. The white pine floors create the impression of a lighter and airy atmosphere and go well with the glass walls. Several of the walls have been painted white and they create a nice contrast with the dark wood surfaces. The flooring is made of particleboard and the walls are inset and painted black. The floor was installed to be level and the two ceilings feature spotlights. There’s also another coat hanger on one side of the house, perfect for all the windows.

Prefabricated Tree Houses In Melbourne Photo 4

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