Tv Feature Wall Clock

There are a lot of TV’s that look just like this wall clock. This means that you can easily find the time and that you can always create the clock ourselves. The idea is that this thing is a multi-functional wall clock that can be installed on any flat surface and function as a wall clock. This is possible by remote control or an iPad and iPhone. The numbers from 80 feet, to 5 miles are also included in the design.

This is a simple yet very effective clock that is both fun and functional because it has a time opener and buttons on its body that allows you to re-orient it and change the time to a number that is normally set by the hour or minutes. Because it is small in size, it takes little space and you can place it anywhere you want.

It is available in two models; black or white cash that both buyers can choose. The black version of the clock comes in at 30 feet because you have plenty of space to place there all the gadgets you want. The white version, as you can see from the pictures, composes the numbers displayed, just like a clock. The price that you can pay for it is $305.99.

Tv Feature Wall Clock Photo 3

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