Shower And Bathtub Configurations – The Waterfall Shower And Bathtub Design By Pangea

Shower and bathtub are essential components in any bathroom’s design. They provide a space for all the utilities of the bathroom into a separate space, where they can be exactly where they need to be. With the Waterfall shower and bathtub the shower and bath are almost just part of the design, completely free and modular, allowing the user to create his own unique bathroom, designed specifically for him, and for any other user creating the same space. The product is offered by Pangea and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google, Facebook, R, Light,ktre and Print. It’s a futuristic shape and a very ingenious piece of furniture.

The tub is the centerpiece of the room and the whole space is wrapped in innovative products, designed by some very innovative designers. They are inspired by water and they form this organic shape inspired by the cycle. The base of the bathtub is the volume reminiscent of a large aquarium, featuring an aquatic aquarium and a body that floats on the floor. The rest of bathroom furniture has a similar design, with similar shapes and feel and offer access to the various shelves, drawers and even the bathroom mat.

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