Sailboat House With Turquoise Accents By Darren James

Located in Redfern, Australia, this beautiful residence has just been completed. Prior to that, it used to be a boat. The current owners first had the ambition of turning it into a house and they continued to look for an architect who could help them do that. It turned out that the architect could also help them with all sorts of modifications and design changes and at the end everything was possible.

They were lucky enough to have an already existing house that didn’t really look great. However, rather than doing that, the architect started to think about how to preserve the house and how to make it livable. It turned out that the owners and the architect could get together and they managed to rejuvenate this place and to remodel it in a way that suits their modern lifestyle and preferences.

The renovation was completed in three and a half years and the cost was $700.000. The house hasn’t been in such bad shape for more than half of those years. It still has a relatively old look and a lot of its original features. However, it’s actually a little richer and doesn’t really match the new owners’ style.

Sailboat House With Turquoise Accents By Darren James Photo 5

The house is currently used as a bbq house but that’s changed and the transformation took place during the 2013. It was a project by R3architetti located in a rural area north of Whittier, Victoria, Australia and engineered by formerly used stable buildings from the early 1900’s. It was mainly done on the small, cramped and dark side. The architects wanted to both change the perception of the structure and to make more of a contrast with the neighboring houses and barns.

They also wanted to make the most of the site’s unique features. Notice the parallelogram that has been inverted from the front of the house. This is a small, quaint, quaint and tranquil space approximately 5 minutes walk from the city’s center.

The house features a beautiful landscaped garden, also made of local wood, that’s covered in larch, a small and colorful plastic fence that surrounds the property. Although the house is small, it’s really big and quite spacious as it stretches 33 ft.

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