Small Kitchen With White Cabinets And Beautiful Wooden Floors

Among the elements that define a kitchen, white seems to be one of them. White is a color that we associate with elegance and refinement but we also think of every other color in every field. A kitchen is much more difficult to decorate if you know how to exaggerate and not create a monotonous and depressing décor. Here’s a example of a kitchen with white cabinets and beautiful wood floors that make the whole kitchen feel cozy and inviting.

It’s a minimalist kitchen that was designed in a way that everything is in perfect balance. The cabinetry, flooring and even the walls have a light color which makes the room feel bright and airy. There are also a series of storage units placed along the walls and an under-cabinet unit with shelves underneath that serve as a perfect display space for decorations. The lighting fixtures are also perfect in this scenario.

The wood floor adds warmth to the space and also makes the room feel even more inviting. There’s also a very nice balance between the white walls and the mint-green-ness of the furniture. This contrast is very beautiful and the wood floor also contributes to the overall bright and spacious décor.

The kitchen is connected to a lovely outdoor dining area. This space has a deck and a set of stairs that connect them. Here the floors are all different but the railing allows you to also see the ceiling. The lighting fixtures are also eye-catching and meant to also add texture to the décor.

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