Kitchen And Bathroom Tiles By Vivre Selection

It is known the fact that tiles attract insects and attracts insects, too, which means more attractive interior tiles are good ideas. Vivre Selection have launched its latest collection and tiles, inspired by flower patterns drawing of the oriental carpet that decorates your bathroom and bedroom. The collection is now available in different colors like: beige, chocolate and black.

Those who would like to try out the latest tiles in their kitchen or bathroom may take a look at Vivre Selection‘s tiles made of natural materials like stone, carbon grey and gold. Besides the usual black and white combination of tiles, elm, grey and white combinations, you may also see other options like harlequin, black&white or crystal gray styles.

It’s a very beautiful combination of colors and the effect is impressive. When combined, these natural materials look very good and the same thing happens with these 15 different colors. It’s an unusual way to decorate your kitchen or bathroom and a very good opportunity to have fun. Have fun with your interior design and enjoy!

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