Studio Bedroom Ideas From Barcelona’s GRIN

Sometimes great ideas don’t have to be interpreted into a strict catalog. It’s often possible for some of these ideas to be inspired from various smaller areas in the city or region where you’re living. Barcelona’s pavement is an interesting blank and a blank esthetic. We also like its versatility and the fact that it can be used to create spaces difficult to guess from certain points of view.

The same thing can be said about Barcelona’s pavement. Its uniform and simple layout brings not only simplicity but also versatility and style into the interior home. The concrete floor and the huge walls which support the stairs do the same. Notice the oversized mirror and the high chairs. There are also the occasional stand, which looks like an elegant furniture piece.

In the living room, the living room impresses with its simplicity and practicality. Even though it’s less elegant and stylish than we usually see in a contemporary home, the apartment still manages to look interesting and even modern. There aren’t many colors in there. Anyway, this version combines several different shades. Multiple tones of beige and soft brown were used. They used to be the color used in the old days when social spaces needed to be coordinated. Gray was used in the left behind tones and anthracite is used in the top tones.

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