Modern Wall Units By Antonio Citterio

The versatility of wall units is often overlooked but, if not very well chosen, by owners of modern homes. This is a collection of several units, available in several colors and with different shapes. Some are modular while others have simple shapes such as octagon and rectangle. The living room and the kitchen are usually considered to be separate spaces. but they are very different space. The living room and the bedroom are often regarded as examples of luxury, both living as well as a bedroom. So integrating them perfectly, here are some modern wall units that, we use for decorative purposes, new and different daily tasks.

People may choose from a wide range of decorative designs and situations. The eye plays an important role in the decision, so in this case the eye sees everything , not only the furniture of the room. A wall unit or a piece of furniture is also very useful, especially in the case of living rooms. I like their wooden finishes and simple and functional design. But they do create a cold and hard environment in the house, especially in a home, so it’s better to provide a comfy space for daily working.

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I think it’s a very good idea to provide a combination of wood and aluminum for the furniture. It’s great for cold winter but also for the days when the weather is not so nice, so a combination could be nice, not only from a practical point of view. Of course, an elegant combination could also be used for a beautiful architectural design. Until then take a look around and see what you can find.{found on decorati}

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