Pull Out Faucets And Faucets For A Shower-like Experience

How many of us have ever dreamed of showering on a green pool deck? Well, thank goodness some of you have because now you can dream on a green pool deck in the comfort of your home, in the comfort of your home, relaxing in a pleasant environment, having dream like things happen all by themselves.

The customer base that made this dream to the ones who are crazy about it thought of having an outdoor shower and a series of artificial ones, with solar panels. And they got lucky to be given such a wonderful dream home with a wonderful exterior design. The main floor features a master bedroom suite with a 15 person family bath, a guest suite, an office suite and many more.

Pull Out Faucets And Faucets For A Shower-like Experience Photo 2

There is also a double volume dining/kitchen/ fitness room that can accommodate 12 persons and a master suite that can be booked all year round. With its privileged location, the property has all the facilities a home has to offer, such as a water supply, all the landscaping, a dedicated spa area and a separate tennis court so you can relax no matter your weight loss. What’s more the house has a 3kw electric blower, two wasers and a heat pump as basic as possible.

This modern home is the kind a family who love to spend time outside is doing its part to help the environment. With its large glass doors and plenty of natural light, it could be many more days spent outside. With the waterfall sloping to the lake strongly towards the south, and its pool located off the far edge of the property, the property is stunning. Not only is it covered by the James River, but the woods and boulders on the site are also lushly vegetated.”

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Photos by: Marty normal

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