Elevated Beach House Plans From TheWillskillCottage

We have the tendency to go back to local towns and to adapt cities for what they are. It’s the case with this lovely beach home. It’s located in Willskill, New York and it was a project developed by Robert M. Gurney Architect by lista of Talented local architects. It’s actually a prototype for a house that will be erected on the beach area in limited periods of time.

The starting point was the existing house situated on the beach, plus the owners wanted to have it renovated. Now it’s just a matter of time until the new owners can enjoy living in the beautiful and incredible house. Since it was a small project and didn’t include a spacious kitchen, living room, dining area, study and patio, they preferred to be integrated into the exterior and to have it fully integrated into the indoor areas.

For the construction, the architects used low budget materials. The house has a steel structure and it was entirely built of insulated concrete blocks. The foundation rests on a 50’ foundation which also provides additional walls to resist the weight of the upper levels. Inside, the house is organized around two axes. They are defined by timber supports that separate the various functions.

The apple tree house features a strange, unusual, original and eye-catching design. It’s a house that was inspired by African demolished architectural timber structures. It’s also a house that was built using local techniques and that has strong Scandinavian influences,

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