Bedroom Picture Frames From Past

If you ever find yourself in a living room, looking at the wall picture frames, chances are you have something false idea about how much storage space you need. The first wall picture is probably the most boring one of all in the whole world, probably because people are not so fond of vertical gardens or cabinets. Right now there’s an interesting new trend where people can put these things together and build a new kind of living room. This time the idea is to build a frame around a child’s bed so one of the owners can be jealous of his favourite spot. The idea comes from a project completed by Craftman Designs.

To be honest it doesn’t look like your home is doing all over the place like this. The sink and the cabinetry are actually designed to be mounted on the wall, leaning against the wall like pieces of origami. That’s a pretty ingenious idea, especially when you have useless pieces of furniture all over the place. The rest of the space could be used for storage or simply for something else. The frame home made of wood and rattan is rather impressive. This is a design somewhere in between simplicity and complexity. You can find out more about it on Instructables.

Bedroom Picture Frames From Past Photo 2

Another place where you can be certain your home will always be clean. If you’re in this situation there’s the option to build a simple industrial frame home office office. If you have the space, a good option is to use some reclaimed pieces of furniture like the vintage dining chairs showcased here . We love the freshness this place manages to offer and the plants and other lovely decorations just put the finishing touches on the wall adjacent to the office. All you need to know about this space on Farmfreshtherapy.

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