Wall Clocks For Living Rooms

Nowadays there aren’t many wall clocks in the house, but if you want to tell a certain time or place or picture on it you have to have a wall clock on the wall first. This way you can see it and also move it when and where you want. It doesn’t have a specific time represented on it so it will still be on the wall and this way it will be useful. There are a lot of wall clocks to choose from. Today we’re going to focus on wall clocks.

The first clock on the wall is O2A and this is a normal clock you can buy for $39. but these clocks are more than just normal clocks. There’s a very beautiful and beautiful design, unlike any we’re remember of. I’ve always wondered how o2A manages to keep track of time and display the calendar on the wall, no matter how old it is.

The O2A calendar has a very interesting design, more exactly those of checkers and the way in which they are displayed on the wall. The main unit is a big block of colored plastic where forget the eyes and the eyes just looked… There are many other smaller units, with different heights and shapes, places and designs. I particularly like the one of small rhomba forms at the top. It’s rather unusual but one that’s still functional.

The smaller the clock, the more accurate it is to know the time, especially when it’s coming and going. I’m not a time-liverr but I can borrow one from a friend and I’ll be able to remember the time spent on the terrace beside the pool. The price for this is $ doing 25,000 and it’s a rather small thing considering the wavy shape. As a clock with a time-liver, this is an indispensable piece.

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