Modern Bookshelf Ideas For A Creative Work Space

When you have a tall bookcase and a symmetrical wall, in my opinion you should take a look for your inspiration. This shelving ideas is a perfect idea for a book or work space with a design that’s simple and chic, without anything too unusual or boring. This shelf seems to be inspired by an art deco photograph, with some swirling pattern. It’s actually just a shelf and the photo itself is attached to the back panel using double-sided mounting screws. It makes a really beautiful and creative wall decoration. If you are like me, you’ve probably already tried it already. If you don’t, you can just dismantle a bookshelf and get it sitting on the wall instead.

I strongly recommend using this beautiful creation as a book or any other type of shelving where you can easily store all your books. It’s a very practical and simple way of saving space. If you have the time and the materials you need, you can adapt it to your modern home décor. This piece looks like a very exotic room decor, a little magical, where books and decorations and a table.

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