Weiland Sliding Doors By Etsy Design Duo

Sliding glass sliding doors weren’t normally something I was excited about because they made me think about proximity and distance and labyrinths and I was not fond of making the same impression in my home. But things changed when I found this very beautiful and nice looking sliding door set designed by etsy design duo. It isouflaged door with black and white check glass. Its exterior is made of painted cobalt blue plastic and its sliding system can only be operated by remote control. So it is easy to control it and can make a great week-end house, without many unimportant requests.

Sliding glass doors are a very beautiful decorative feature and their design was inspired by the design of ancient Chinese shoji screens. So it offers a wonderful amount of depth, create a nice ambiance and have the same effect as built in sliding glass doors for your garden or patio. Actually I think this set would look great in modern homes combined with the living room. You can just feel the breeze and the time with your bright and joyful atmosphere, invite your guests to sit in this set and enjoy a long relaxing movie.

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