New Table Designs By By Allure

To decorate your table you just have to find a way to decorate it. This is the Table Arrange. It’s a new table design and it’s obtained by using a variety of different methods. The technique the one used for this project was creates a series of asymmetrical lines that change with the angle. The tables come is a combination of wood veneer, acrylic and metal components and they are all presented here.

To make them even more functional you can put them in your home. The tables are functional without being particularly eye-catching. The simplicity of their design allows them to be extremely versatile and to serve as a chic and glamorous addition to rooms such as the dining area, the living room, the kitchen or even a bedroom. They would be great to be complemented by any type of furniture. In this case the colors are chosen to match the minimalist simplicity of the whole design.

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The tables could be made of many different materials. They can either be of different shapes, sizes or colors. To highlight their metallic or satin metallic forms, the Tiamat proposes a printing system in acid-etched glass. It can be either white or black with satin metal finishing. Simplicity is key when creating furniture. It has to be striking and deserves to be highlighted. But you can also choose to use this as an elegant and glamorous piece of furniture. It would look great in a modern or contemporary dining area but it can also make a great addition to a more vintage décor.

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