Modern Exterior Shutters By Rzlbd:

With the current year around the corner there’s only one issue remaining – shutters! I decided to design a completely new exterence of Shutters, which tries to find the middle ground between privacy and brightness, and other two go for double shutters. This façade, which was made from red rubber straps from our office, is going to be presented at the Metro Woodworking Fair in Chingschang.

This façade made with 2,200 hand-made panels, was put together by rzlbd architects who completed the whole thing, from the paneling to the frame to the timber — it was a monumental challenge but also one with many layers.

The garage was lifted, so that it could put in use the 360 degree folding facades. The design of the house, which is 130cm high, was built with 200 handcrafted red wood panels, which are designed to withstand the harsh weather of Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, over the course of the frost of the winter.

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