Inlaid Floor Lamp By Dab

Nothing compares to the moment when you go on holiday or when you simply go to the seaside where you enjoy the fresh air. It’s a pleasure to dream how you’ll be sitting in a bath somewhere in a deserted area surrounded by water and that will be the most peaceful we could do it. So when you feel like you want to have a vacation and you would like to catch a nap, you should stay in line with the idea. So designers from Dab have created floor lamps that are meant to be practical and comfortable.

The Floor Lamp is made of aluminum and consists of a series of square tiles. It might seem like a combination of aluminum and brass but it’s in fact a strong and durable piece of furniture. The aluminum and brass combination is not new but actually a common combination and it’s something that a lot of people like. The idea was to create a floor lamp that is easy to assemble and that allows you to assemble the lamp without too much effort. And because we all need lots of places to read or dance, a free wall-mounted table lamp is a perfect solution.

But the fact is that such a table lamp only comes in one size and that’s not exactly great for the small homes. It’s a normal sized lamp, even though it might not seem so at first. The rectangular and continuous design makes it extremely versatile and allows it to fit and implement basically any design and décor. The lamp comes with an 8” reach, making it comfortable to use. It would look great in a modern and minimalist home.

Inlaid Floor Lamp By Dab Photo 4

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