Compact Apartment With Open Space Interior Designed In A Scandinavian Style

This lovely apartment is located in the historical center of Stockholm. It’s situated in a building built in 1904 and occupies a newly refurbished building. Unlike many other Scandinavian apartments we’re aware of, this one doesn’t really follow a consistent system. The interior is small but functional and it favors itself as a cozy and inviting space in the center of the city.

The apartment is rather simple. It has white walls, a white ceiling, a minimalist furniture, a minimalist staircase and an eye-catching array of textures and accent details. The minimalism is reflected in the way the light, volume and textures are distributed. However, the space doesn’t feel cramped or small. In fact, the subtle touches of red and blue make the social area feel very bright and welcoming.

The open kitchen is an open space with no walls or partitions between the different functions. It also has a small island that separates the kitchen from the living and dining area. The dining table is adjacent to glass walls on two sides and it’s illuminated with recessed lights that form a light fixture. The sofa and the kitchen island serve as a visual link between the spaces.

Compact Apartment With Open Space Interior Designed In A Scandinavian Style Photo 3

Black and white, on the other hand, are the two main colors used throughout the apartment. The elegant décor uses soft, light and simple colors and also features very stylish textures and finishes. The bathrooms are no different either. The pink one is covered with beautiful plants and arranged in quiet and serene spaces while the purple one uses dark accents.

Even though the hallways and staircases are not particularly eye-catching, they are still quite interesting. They’re narrow and with sharp angles and they feature storage compartments that are perfectly organized. To avoid making them look boring, the designers used neutral colors for the walls and ceilings.

Compact Apartment With Open Space Interior Designed In A Scandinavian Style Photo 5

The dining area is defined by a wall that goes all the way up to the ceiling. It has a wall-mounted wine shelving, beautiful and elegant for a contemporary home. The neutral and minimalist décor allows the chairs to stand out but also makes the walls the highlight point of the room’s décor.

The bedroom resembles a glass box. It features the same delicate and clean lines and angles as the living room. The built-in bed is tucked in the corner of the room, forming an L-shape. Matching nightstands form a symmetrical storage unit that hides a secret storage area underneath the ceiling.

A spacious bathroom sits on a platform that has a vintage-industrial vibe. it’s framed by cabinets of different shapes and materials, each with a unique and interesting form and layout. The washbasins stand out, contrasting with the structure of the room.

The same chic bedroom has access to an outdoor deck by sliding the mirrored wall off of the chestnut-shaded vanity up against a different wall section. This area is meant as a private sitting area and relaxation zone where the owners can admire the beautiful view and where sunlight highlights the design.

The same beautiful bedroom also has access to a poolside terrace which is framed by the concrete walls and ceiling. The hanging light fixture is one of the focal points of the space. The hanging and simple design maintain a casual and relaxed look and atmosphere.

The same beautiful bedroom also has access to a terrace. It’s a smaller space and all the members of the family get to spend a lot of time in this space. It’s a sun room which also makes this design very simple. It’s composed of three floating blocks, all accompanied by a comfy swing. The interior is connected to a staircase.

This wonderful tree house was designed for two adults and two children. It offers privacy to the kids through a sliding partition and it also has a playroom with walls, a kitchenette and built-in furniture. It also offers wonderful views of the ocean. Despite its size, the house is airy and very bright.

The interior is connected to the exterior and features a wood ceiling and an overall natural, organic design. Low-hanging chandeliers and spotlights in the corners provide soft, pleasant accent lighting. The green roof accent shade allows the space to look and feel relaxing and clean.

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