Unique Tv Stand Ideas By Studioika

TV stands or stand with electronics in it are both awkward and costly solutions. We’ve already explored some of the most common and versatile options out there and we found lots more inspiring ideas to share with you. One collection is especially beautiful because of its simplicity. Studioika has been specializing in this for almost a decade and you can find it in one of the oldest Finnish architecture. The stand is simple and tall and this allows it to look elegant and timeless.

The collection includes most of it simpler versions, with a total surface of only 50 cm high supported on a wooden frame. There are no internal pipes and thus the unit doesn’t need an enveloping arm structure.

They are attached to a minimalist cable management system and the set includes a CPU, DVD player and a lamp. The stand is crafted with a combination of reinforced concrete, high-pressure nails and an electric motorized truck. Because of the simplicity of the design, the TV stand can also be integrated in the floor plan of a large living room. Its overall dimensions are 250×300 while the boxes have 34’h x 43’h and the bases are 15’h.Available for $69.

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