Art Deco Floor Tiles From Ceramica Lord

Deco-inspired tiles have been a very popular trend in all areas of the house. Now it’s time to take a look at some new tile designs. Ceramica Lord has offers an alternative to the traditional wall tiles. The collection is called Deco-inspired tiles and features decorative motifs. It would definitely be a very interesting addition to a modern or contemporary home.

Deco-inspired tiles can have a classical or even a graphic look. They are available in a wide range of designs and color or patterns. The range you can choose from is extensive. You have various possibilities. One of them is the 9-cell Base Collection which consists of several 9 different tile designs and patterns. They each have their own character and individuality but they all share in common the elegance and simplicity of the designs. This makes the collections particularly suitable for modern and contemporary interiors.

Art Deco Floor Tiles From Ceramica Lord Photo 3

The 9-cell Base Collection only comes in white but it’s an easily matching collection considering the initial look. They would look great in any type of décor. Since they are 9-cell bases, they can be sued for the bathroom where they look very clean and elegant. They would also look right at home in industrial spaces, transitional spaces but also in classical, modern and minimalistic spaces. Choose the 9-cell Base Collection to be a chic addition to your own home. The 9-cell type of tile is mainly practical in bathroom and kitchen bathrooms but can also be used for the kitchen and any other room of the house.Available for request.

Art Deco Floor Tiles From Ceramica Lord Photo 4

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