Antique Copper Bathtub By Neo-Metro

If you love to be very discreet and beautiful, then this bathroom will definitely satisfy you. It is characterized by a very discreet look and concept and it reveals a very fashionable and high-class style. It has a very strong architectural silhouette and very lacquered copper panels. This collection, if it can be called like that, tries to be subtle and stylish and it doesn’t need opulent elements and sophisticated accessories and decorations to stand out.

The entire bathroom is white and it has a very subtle color palette. The crystal surfaces are so subtle and subtle that the viewer couldn’t tell from what distance it is more from the rest of the room and from the rest of the environment. The copper panel is the perfect accessory for creating a subtle contrast. The texture and design are also striking, indeed, especially for a bathtub. The black frame allows the rest of the bathroom to be white and the mat, white, stand out.

This collection is a tricky equilibrium to work with. It’s trying to be both eye-catching and harmonious. It would be easier to make it seem like a night light than it is when the lights are subtle but bright. It’s a nice and clean way of blending in color while also creating a stylish décor. In order to make this particular product stand out, the details and such elements were subtle and surprising. This mixture is unique and that’s what makes them so charming. This apartment is a great example of simplicity and elegance.{pics from muchunfra.arabode}.

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