Modern Beach Homes That Take Advantage Of The Southern California Heat

When designing these modern homes from Modern Homes, Inc. they had to take into consideration the fact that California had a fairly neutral climate all throughout the seasons so they had to work with that. In addition, they wanted to avoid the harsh sand and 80- 85 ºF temperatures that typically make them feel cold anddon’t really allow much privacy. Water and sewage systems were installed, as well as energy efficient insulation and wall studs and exterior finishes. All appliances are UL and ETL listed, as well as appliances with a 100% hard coatings and VOC finish.

The first and largest example of the house is the main kitchen, which covers almost 4,000 square feet. The layout is open concept, allowing family members to gather and spend time together. The entire kitchen is centered around the idea that privacy is a top priority, so that social and entertainment spaces like the living room watch well as guests are not able to make it feel claustrophobic.

The remainder of the house is fairly open concept as well, with family rooms, a media room, and bathrooms amenities built into the house, plus the kitchen and bathrooms. The master bedroom is easily accessable via a glass bridge over the entryway, and full glass railings to protect the bedrooms from the rain and sun.

All the bathrooms, both both wet and dry, are clad in mosaic green tile, with an emphasis on the use of white for the walls and ceilings. The master bath has a large window enclave that looks back over the bay in the direction of the stairway and creates a strong sense of looking out from the shower, and the walls are paintedPreciousLasquer.
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