Dark Wood Living Room Design By Trish O’Brien

The light wood furnishings and decor is a very common choice in most homes, it lends maximum interest to a room and increase that feel of warmth of the space. The living is a creative and enjoyable space when the furniture is various and when the mind is on-vacant.

This classic black and white living room is an enjoyable combination of colors and furniture design. The light wooden floors are a quite comforting shade in this particular mix, the light and bright white walls and the small accessories like lamps, decorative objects and so on. There are dark wooden ceiling that contribute to the same atmosphere.

There are small details and decorations in each of the rooms, which bring warmth and rusticity to the room. The same wooden flooring is also used in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Though I was wondering if anyone wanted to use privacy disadvantageously for example, here it is place some curtains in a color that stands out against the white walls.

Dark Wood Living Room Design By Trish O’Brien Photo 1

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