Concrete Cabins And Picturesque Forest Houses

Cabins and picturesque areas usually offer good accommodations for people that seek style, comforts and privacy, but many of them also have a very cold view. So they prefer large windows that let in the natural light and let them capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape. And when you think about it, cabins are great for that purpose because, again, they only provide a great place to sleep, relax and enjoy the weather and sun.

So here’s a selection of cabins that we think would really integrate in a specific location, whether it’s nature lovers or not.The first one is probably the most homely type of home. It has a concrete structure with wooden elements and an odd, but lovely design.Available for $7,600-$11,000 per night.

The second cabin I’m sure you’ll like was much better. This one was built in a quiet area and it comes with a fireplace in itsown as well as a summer kitchen, a small living room with iron railing, a bathroom with tiles and even a bedroom.

Concrete Cabins And Picturesque Forest Houses Photo 3

Up on the first floor there are two more identical cabins but they are all smaller and their designs are a bit more vintage and that’s mostly because of the reclaimed boards.
Images from flickr.

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