Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas By Huarchitect

The property if located on a farm in a small surrounding area, where you can easily get weak in the process of starting a family, there were specific requirements that the architects from huarchitects and huarchitecture would share. One of them was the desire to create a big bright and luxurious home. When the family grew and they wanted to have a large working space with a grand kitchen, dining room and living room, the idea was to create a big family home, where there would be enough space for everyone and where the owners could work and stay busy at all times.

The interior was done in an extremely efficient and simple way and the standards of living for this family of four were low standard. Therefore, rather than having a large space in the middle of the house full of useless and without natural light, the house was planned along the north side, keeping the height of the house to a minimum.

The open space of the living room can be used for the kitchen and on the living room three floors are interconnected by the ground floor which has a mezzanine with a double height ceiling. This space is perfect for guests because it stays bathed in natural light from two sides.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas By Huarchitect Photo 3

The modern furniture has bright and clean lines, combined with pieces such as the wooden dining table or the matching chairs. The quality work and quality have been very well chosen, all of them contribute to the welcoming atmosphere that characterizes this residence.{found on homedsgn}

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