Floating Boat House In The Trees

Beach homes are great for the kids and the whole house changes in such a way that the kids can feel like in a cozy place. It’s a permanent place to play and spend time there. You’ll have to give up the comfort of your home, giving up the air of a big house. But there are ways of doing that and some of them are simple and fun.

Theaters, bars and restaurants all use this type of design. The name says all it does. The actual shape of the structure is not very important. This is the floating sea house. The glass façade makes it seems suspended. This looks like a modern aquarium. Both the interior and the exterior are wrapped in glass. The deck and all the interior spaces are visible to the guests through sliding glass doors. The location is very convenient. With only one level, it offers spectacular views of the ocean and the mountains in the distance. The guests can stay in either the hotel rooms or in the sports center.{found on freshome}.

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