Block House Plans That Bring Nature Indoors

Simple and clever, the blocks house is situated in Okazaki, some place in the north of the island of Kizu, Japan. The house was a project by MDBA and UV arhite kedohirov in 2010. The home covers a total ground area of?3,800 square meters.

The clients asked for a simple and efficient design for their home. They wanted a light color scheme, a large floor-to-ceiling window and an atrium. All these elements require no planning and the architects created an interesting tower house. The building sits in the north end of the residential area and it’s surrounded by buildings in all north and south. Moreover, it’s also a compact in terms of footprint.

The tower is surrounded by buildings on all sides. The interior of the home is indeed not as tiny as you might think. It’s actually quite spacious. The living room is tall and it’s illuminated by rich light. The rooms on the lower level are oriented towards the arch and the main hall. This creates a more intimate feel. On the third level there’s a second multifunctional room. It’s a small bedroom, a bathroom and a utility room. There’s not a lot of furniture so it’s a nicely organized space.{images by Toshiyuki Yano}.

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