Vintage Office Decorating With Rocks!

Vintage pieces are a great way to add character to the house. Whether they are bright colors like the great colors you see in nature or made up of all sorts, rocks have a retro feel. In either case, they add that something special to any room, whether it’s the office, the bedroom, living room, kitchen to the bedroom or the kitchen. Any space can be made with a little creativity and these vintage office decorating ideas are perfect to start with.

1. Large features.

Organize and create spaces of diverse heights and make up for the imperfections of your furniture. Mix a bit of metal for a modern style or paint a part of the wall for a more retro feel. The sanding will yield an eclectic look, even if the vintage paint really works.

Vintage Office Decorating With Rocks! Photo 2

2. Extreme art.

I’m not sure why this piece is so difficult to make. Extremely colorful, ultra contemporary and even pop and call the title of the article abstract. Even though this is a great piece to fill out the empty wall, it can quite easily be used as the focal point of your room, especially when arranged in such a way as to line up with the movie ploys. Don’t forget to add a great light fixture as well to complete the look.

Vintage Office Decorating With Rocks! Photo 3

3. Sculpture.

Take an old or inexpensive piece and turn it into something completely unique. Take something as ordinary as an old dresser and turn into a sculpture. This mixed material piece is great for a home with either rustic or country vibes. Or this can become a unique blend of vintage and contemporary styles.

Vintage Office Decorating With Rocks! Photo 4

4. Kitchen utensils.

When you think of kitchen accessories, you may think of the spoons and forks. But this piece is a piece made from scrap wood and plastic, and it holds its own without the use of utensils. The idea behind this project is simple and fun. You put your forks in the plate and spoon handles on the handles. Then just use forks and knives to chop up your herbs and vegetables!

5. Suitcases.

A suitcase, along with a ton of unused luggage, is incredibly useful. Remember those times when you went shopping for scooters or other similar items o vice versa and thrown the stuff into the mix? You had a lot of fun making it! You could even stack all your dice and have them all fit into a barrel. It’s a classic version of spooky grandma’s old race car.

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