Turret On House’s Facade

In order to increase the view on the nature outside the house, the house was built on its façade. As a result, with concrete walls, the architects decided to use a mixed construction method. Due to the fact that the facades of the house would be painted a dark color, the fact that the facades would be painted in all sorts of crazy colors strikes the house as a bad design. It’s as if concrete and glass were creating the perfect hybrid. Turret is a material which has the capacity to change its appearance in just the right places without being altered too much.

As for the interior of the house, it’s designed in such a way that it would reflect the colors of the landscape around it. This is possible due to the fact that the architects tried to incorporate all the new functions that the surrounding nature might directly interact with. Furthermore, certain elements were integrated for functional reasons as well. Like the library, there’s also an additional living room, a small kitchen and a double bedroom. All of these components were seamlessly incorporated into the design.

Turret On House’s Facade Photo 2

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