Prefab Tree Houses In Barrels

These projects are not just something we build. These eco homes make great homes. For example, a tree house can be something that the kids would love to have for their treehouse-to-kids. This projects refers to a residence built with materials in barrels that also include an upper storey tree house. We made a tree house with these houses as soon as we started working on them. It’s a concept that comes from addicted2bathmose and is not meant to be formalised.

This project is a recreation of a 40-year old structure built on a boat. The boat had a stable and strong frame and everything it stronger and waterproof. But the boat itself was not nearly as resistant as it is now. So Bhammose decided to build a mobile home instead. He used the old cargo anchored houses from theNear North Sea and used them to build this one. The home was built and features several internal spaces.

The living room has a small island with a small table and chairs. It benefits from plenty of natural light thanks to the windows and the floor-to-ceiling windows that sits above the terrace. The walls are painted white and the whole house has a neutral color palette that adds the warmth and style of the beautiful cottage. The interior is very simple. There are no unnecessary elements that might disturb the balance of materials and styles. The furniture is basic and mostly neutral with a few bold touches here and there. The orange pendant lights add a touch of color.

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