Marble Pedestal Sink

The sink received many forms of decoration and has almost been the same function since the 17th century. However, today, in the last few years, the functional aspect is not changed. For example, today you can find beautiful marble pedestal sinks in many shapes and sizes and they can be used in the bathroom as well as in other spaces. The pedestal sink is the most common decoration and this recognition comes also given the fact that most of them can be used as single fixtures. However, there are ways of integrating them into a more complex composition if the design allows it.

Marble is a material also suitable for other types of decors out there. It can be used in the bathroom in several different ways. The bathroom sink can be used as a towel holder but it can also be used as an accessory for certain furniture and accessories. In general, marble is a very versatile material. You can use it for fixtures that need to be durable and delicate as well as those that would make a space look elegant and stylish. In the bathroom, a marble sink would be an eye-catching detail.

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