Fire Pit Hood Chimney Hides A Fireplace Behind Hidden By The Chimney

A fireplace is a great element to design your home with. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is also very convenient. By simply allowing your fireplace to be a part of the main living space, you gain control over the heat and, thus, your décor. No more gas consumption! A fireplace naturally generates heat. But wood is a great material if you want to save time and money making fireplaces a preferred choice in some situations.

Today, we wanted to show you some fireplace hoods that are sleek, chic and modern. The latest collection is the Ostrich Line and it was designed by Malan Vorster.

Fire Pit Hood Chimney Hides A Fireplace Behind Hidden By The Chimney Photo 2

The Line hood is a contemporary piece with a minimalist design which combined a fireplace hood with a natural stone facade with a closed facade creating a cozy interior atmosphere. With its clean lines and open space concept, the Line has a masculine look.

Even though it looks extremely sleek and modern, the Line hood remains very safe and modern as well. It has a 360° swivel base with a steel clad vent system. The fan-operated aluminum sails designed by Enrico Zanolla create a beautiful glow and extend to create a curved surface for the fireplace. Even though, unlike most modern fireplaces, the firewood doesn’t burn and can be refilled to make room for a wood log. The vent brings a piece of nature closer to home and this is also a handy way of adding light and dimension to your living space.

The Line hood is available in a shiny finish (natural finish) or an eco-appealing gray color. Even so, it gets the job done and adds a unique touch to an already eye-catching room.

Vanessa Mitrani anticipated your back when picking your fireplace and made an effort to create a portrait-like piece that he designed. His simple silhouette reminds me of traditional portraits and the designers wanted to prove that with everything he designed, there is an element of surprise no matter how simple.

The fireplace can be put to good use and the exposed bricks recovered from old houses prove to be useful accessories to a home library, a library, or a meeting room. The wall that faces the fireplace has a niche where books are inserted somewhere in a bookcase somewhere in the wall. And speaking of book shelves, this is the best choice for a room with large windows where to display plants or photos. Anything goes in this case.

Another ingenious idea is to use the book pages we are talking about in the same way and also to create a piece of furniture with thick metal shelves somewhere in which to store miscellaneous items. And again, if you like the idea, find more ideas like this one and maybe you can do that yourself.

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