Creative Picture Hanging Ideas – 10 DIY Projects You Could Do

We’ve already established that picture hanging is not easy by itself but it can be done. We have this idea of doing that with empty frames so we can hang all sorts of pictures on solid blocks of paper and with dowels in a few different colors. The first thing you need is some paint in a dark color if you prefer a deeper shade or white if you prefer a more powerful tone or pastel color.

If you want to display your pictures on a wall you can use nails instead of pliers. All you need to do is line the pictures with the nails so you don’t have to repeat the whole process. Anyway, here’s how you can do that. Make a frame using oven paper. And if you want to, add some wire eyes and some sisal rope.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Instead of having a framed mirror hanging above the fireplace mantel, you can try a different approach. This is what you’ll need: a pair of picture frames, sisal rope, plenty of warm water spray and a sponge brush. Cover the frames with the frame and hang them on the wall. It will look amazing.{found on inspiredbythis}.

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Another possibility is to hang something entirely on the wall. For example, you can use picture hangers. You’ll need them to be horizontal so you can put the frame vertically. Run the hangers through the frame and all you have to do is arrange them once, using the color of your choice.{found on paulabergasse}.

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And, of course, there’s also the possibility of painting the wall. You should first learn how to do it correctly. The idea is to transfer the images with an extremely simple technique. Then use paint and a sponge brush to coat the frame and let it dry.{found on shelleyweed}.

This project is so simple you can even build bedside tables. You’ll need two rectangular blocks of wood, three large wood screws, a saw, wood glue, nails, primer, wood filler and wood stain or stain. Finishing touches only make it special.{found on site}.

If you’re a fan of DIY décor and DIY projects and you want to try some DIY updates, you might also like this 100-year-old house. It’s a charming stone house, with lovely patina on the stone walls and a beautiful old wooden porch. The design is quite simple.{found on strandyhouse}.

In order to achieve a modern look, you have to first create a good balance between old and new. So if you have some leftover wood you could paint a circular base and opt for a wooden frame. Then use a few larger boards if you want to make a square-shaped unit. Add one or two side panels and make a nice covered terrace.

If you want to truly enjoy modern designs, then you should have a look at some Ikea problem sets. You can recreate a traditional living room without having to go back and redecorate. The sets are made of wood and there are sets which have columns, sleek and simple, with a writing desk and chairs.

Or you can try a more unusual design: a combination between a dining room and a bathroom. If there’s one thing which I can definitely say about this room it’s that of the island. A giant long table centered against the wall would be perfect for both the dining room and the bathroom, if the space allows it.

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