Herringbone Wood Tile Flooring From Brick&Cut

Brick&Cut have just sold their popular Revere for $50 million. It’s a beautiful and functional wood tile floor that comes in her desired application and is easy to install.

The Brick&Cut floors are beautiful and functional as well as eco-friendly. The floor looks like natural bricks mainly with the dark red added to the side pattern. Herringbone wood is normally reserved for certain industrial environments, but it suits nicely the place where it was installed.

Herringbone Wood Tile Flooring From Brick&Cut Photo 2

Made with herringbone wood on the sides, the floor is only one story behind the room so the floors are not that big. The herringbone pattern is also available in her natural colour, which allows the floor to have a different colour on it, just like the walls. The floor looks like a continuation of the modern furniture and the two colours create the impression of a larger space, which is quite an amazing impression on anyone who sleeps in it.

The traditional feature of the flooring is a long continuous track with wooden slats, that runs the length of the room and under which the designer can introduce coloured tiles. This gives a visual interest to the whole floor, creating a nice architectural interest.

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