Talavera Tile Backsplash By Atelier TE

Talavera is a tile mosaic that was created by AlegreVidal. It’s is a very interesting and eye-catching element when you see it. As the name says, it’s a mosaic of beveled tassels. It’s not the typical shape that you would have in mind. That’s not because it’s strange. The tassels are meant to give the kitchen a very stylish and elegant look. The tassels are hand-formed mosaic tiles and they are each painted so they can be used to create a repetitive pattern. They are cast-an-dyed and they contrast beautifully with the red wall behind them.

The tassels are hand-formed by turning their backs onto the tiles. They are separated by hand and rubbed individually. The tassels have a natural look, with marks that are a sort of knot threads that threads in a particular pattern. It’s a subtle but eye-catching addition and it allows the tassel to be the focal point of the kitchen. The color of the tiles is in tone with the tiles and this contrast is both elegant and playful. The tassels create a contemporary look together with the slightly irregular perforated wall. They are painted in several different colors and they stand out extremely unique.Available for £1057.

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