Floor Stencils Designs – Bathroom And Bedroom Alike

If you’re aiming at creating a simple, minimalist interior décor for your bathroom and bedroom, your options are limited but you can find lots of wonderful stencils designs. There are many great ideas you can try. For example, I always find it interesting how the simple things contribute to the clean and stylish décor.

For this bathroom, the stencils chosen are those that look like the patio or the tree from where they are placed. This makes them versatile and suitable for both interior and exterior decors. The bedroom, however, is our favorite. Its clean and simple décor is very cozy and inviting.

Such a décor can be expected in today’s world of minimalism and lately that became a common trend. But even if the functionality is not minimalist, this still includes the side effects. For example, stencils can help you change the ambiance in your bathroom by adding colors to the mix that suits the room. You can apply one such design to the shower in case you have one.

It wouldn’t really look the same in a bathroom without those built-in storage shelves or cubbies. These ones are great for the bath and their simplicity is what makes them so charming. But you can also make them look special by painting them that are green and friendly.

And speaking of minimalism, how about an industrial-style bathroom with a little bit of rustic charm? It’s perfect since the wood and metal accents will only bring more warmth into the décor. And remember that color can come in many forms and it can even be a color that you can use for the walls.

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