Unusual Drinking Glasses Designed For Marine- Visitors To Japan

If you really want a unique and unique space where you can spend a unique day and enjoy the ocean views, at least one of these crazy drinking glasses will definitely be of some use to you! Imagine yourself in the shape of a ship, drinking a bottle at the steep stairs, being a little wild with the bridge that seems to have no balustrade at all and the colorful things on it but, in fact, this is just an awesome decor element that adds a little touch of fun and surprise to the whole room. These unusual and playful drink bottles were designed by Ooi!to and represent something specific once again. They are filled with tiny bottles from the kaja waters of Stockholm, designed to be filled with delicious sushi or fresh juice.

If drinking bottles is not something you take for granted and actually only use in extreme cases and situations, then we have a special idea that could help with that: making wine cooler glasses. They don’t necessarily have to be designed to look like those beer bottles that everyone has in their homes. Here’s a great idea: you can make your own cool glass bottle cooler. It’s actually super simple and the instructions and the instructions are clear and simple. Just put the wine glasses in the bottles and hope that nobody uses them.

Sometimes it’s fun to also have a coffee table in the house. You could make one using an old cabinet or wardrobe. You should have plenty of space for this project since you’ll also be making the table from scratch. So get some wood and get to work. Sand down the edges of the cabinet and then make the corners and cut the pieces to size. If the pieces don’t have the right shape, remove and that’s done as well. Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to take care of the details. First find the right dimensions. Then get to work and find the little things like screws or nails, depending on how big you want the table to be. Secure each piece with wood screws. If you want you can paint the bottles but make sure you’re using a nice matte finish.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

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