Lee Jaehyo Studio’s Courtyard House By KC Design Studio

lee-jaehyo studio is a studio specialized in 3D architectural and landscape design. Their goal is to create minimalist and flexible structures for which they focus on creating a simple and minimalistic look in terms of shape, material and texture.

This is the courtyard house. It was designed bylee-jaehyo in 2014 and it covers an area of 78.20 square meters. The focus of the project was on creating a space that would be flexible and that would serve as a space where the owner could use both for relaxing when playing paddyhouses or for working on her garden. Because the client requested a strong and durable structure, the design team had to find elements that allow the client to solve the courtyard problems.

Lee Jaehyo Studio’s Courtyard House By KC Design Studio Photo 3

For example, the client requested a large wooden balcony that would also serve as a room divider. The team’s solution was to built a set of three unusual voids into the ground floor. These gaps are relatively small and they serve as parking spaces. When they closed these spaces for the living room and the work area, they also got a usable courtyard. With these concrete spaces and simple forms, the client’s home turned into a garden sitting area.

The building features an auditorium, three bedrooms and a library. The public areas are located on the ground floor. The social areas are found on the first level while the private areas are on the upper floor.{found on archdaily}.

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