Pipe Furniture Fittings For The Bathroom

Nowadays we have all these type of bathroom furniture and bathroom fixtures that are designed by some famous designers and the main item of the designer’s name is the pipe. You can say it looks like a toilet paper dispenser and only then it is very funny because it is made of fittings. The guys from Bathroom are inspired and they think it is a good idea to create a bathroom toilet station.

Actually they are creations of Cilla Van Damme of Netherlands. Now their work is a great fairy tale and it is a very creative idea that only shows their plain figure and lack of colour that makes them attractive. Van Damme is a Dutch bathroom brand which used its name to manufacture fittings of the bathroom for the bathrooms of celebrities of the “nostorgetti”. So the name is perfect for you because if you have a bathroom with a pink toilet paper dispenser you will certainly love this product.

It is recommended for the bathrooms of the hotels and places where people live and also for the young people.

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