Modern Wooden Kitchen Design Idea By An Architect

Even though there are so many different options and styles, there seems to be a particular type of kitchen or kitchen for which there is already one. We have seen all of them. The reality is that there are also lots of variations and combinations of styles. Still, these variations are not spectacular but just not spectacular. This kitchen, for example, is relatively simple. It has been placed in the corner of the kitchen as opposed to the empty walls and the most important aspect is the fact that it can be a gas-powered kitchen.

A natural gas stove and refrigerator would have been nice. This particular design, minimalist and modern, is very practical. As for the shape, it doesn’t remind very much from a stove. It’s a simple shape, not inside, present in the natural shape of the wood. Also, notice the small wheels and the simplicity of the details. The only colorful thing is the fireplace. This is a very cozy and comfortable room. Enjoy some winter!{found on vintagerevivals}.

Modern Wooden Kitchen Design Idea By An Architect Photo 3

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