Simple Modern House Design By Prusta

Simple, modern and elegant, this modern beauty is a house designed by Prusta. Each contemporary residence is no more an art. In fact, it’s called simplicity. The residence was designed with architects Vilhelm Loenborg, Giorgos Nicekais Paulina and Audipod Arioniou architects. It’s located in Thugau, 1,435 km south of Athens, Greece and it was designed for the Prusta Group Ltd.

The general image created by the architect is that of a simple house with a neat and tidy design. However, that wasn’t necessarily the case. The residence has a massive and open living area structured on two levels. The whole structure resembles that of a cozy cottage. One of the most wonderful views of the city is offered by the inverted lamps placed strategically on a wooden staircase screen. This structure also offers covered terraces and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Simple Modern House Design By Prusta Photo 2

The interior décor is simple, with classical influences in the form of striped flooring and arched windows. The living area is very welcoming. The choice of colors is unique. For example, the contrast between crisp white and rough grey and pastel shades is very nice. The furniture is modern and complements the décor perfectly. The colors vary and they are only chosen in a case as changeable and as unusual as possible. Still, there’s a strong contrast between them.{found on archdaily}.

Simple Modern House Design By Prusta Photo 3

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