Mountain Modern House Plans By Rick Shean

The location is certainly interesting. It’s a really great place to live in, with beautiful landscape and incredibly beautiful mountains and surroundings. Still, the house has to be designed meticulously so as to take advantage of everything the site has to offer. This is a house designed particularly for outdoor living.

The reason we’re talking about this beautiful location is because this is a protected area and, if left like that, it might be difficult to weather the elements. And if you can get away on the wild, wildside, you’ll also get to enjoy the magnificent views of the lake and forest. The house was built on a remote site surrounded with trees and rocks, in a close proximity to local activities.

But it was especially designed in such a way that the inhabitants can enjoy the nature and the beautiful surroundings from a unique angle. The house has an unusual shape. It actually wraps around the back of the house, where the volume ends and becomes the mezzanine floor.

Mountain Modern House Plans By Rick Shean Photo 3

The house was built using sustainable materials. It’s insulated and it has triple pane windows. In the living areas the division between the living room and the kitchen is made up of two equal modules. The module ends with a functional separated wing for the master bedroom. The interior design is simple, modern and stylish. The house was furnished with classical pieces, mostly designer furniture but they also all come with beautiful architectural details.

Mountain Modern House Plans By Rick Shean Photo 4

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