Mickey Mouse Furniture Collection

In order to obtain a complete and perfect interior décor you have to have a completely different style. Most of the times, the furniture is simple, with clean and simple lines and functional decorations. Nowadays it’s easier to me to create an elegant and sophisticated décor. This furniture collection would make a very nice choice. It’s just a collection and that means it’s just what it is. The pieces from this collection share in common the color white, the same as all the pieces from this collection. Moreover, they all look very elegant, with stylish details and stylish shapes.

The collection features pieces such as the chrome and shiny glass coffee table and coffee tables featuring classical designs with details such as the round or the rectangular ones. Also, there are lounge area pieces, with round seats and wooden platforms that make a cozy lounge area or just extra seats for the children. The pieces are crafted by real artists certified in Ontario shoram. The chic pieces are handmade in New York so they are both comfortable and fun.

Mickey Mouse Furniture Collection Photo 2

The collection was designed for public spaces such as airports and spas. The collection is composed of a coffee table, a sofa lounge, a coffee table called Marrakesh and a side table, All of them matching the name of the designer. So whether you come with your coffee table and your side table, you’ll need a little more space. This is a one-person sofa.

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