Headboard Designs Wood An Interesting Idea

To create a headboard you don’t just have to have a piece of wood in your home. You also have the opportunity to sue an old piece of furniture. In this case, the item is an old chest. The really interesting part is the part where you take an old, unused piece of furniture and turn it into an original headboard. It’s a very simple and ingenious idea.

The piece that you have chosen as a headboard must be useful for you and for your needs. It fulfills two functions, either active or passive. In the case of the headboard it will either be a decorative element or it can as a room divider. The two pieces have to stay together and Together they create a beautiful, stylish and lean piece of furniture. The classical designs usually use little bits that stay together only in certain cases but in this case the situation is perfect.

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This headboard is especially useful because it can be adjusted. It offers plenty of space for the basic items and it also allows you to store things in there without being in the way. The piece is made in USA and made of wood. Its overall dimension is 24?H X 40?W X 41?D. You can purchase it for $1,899.00. It would look beautiful in the living room, on the bedroom sideboard, in a corner or even in the office. Still, you can also create a reading corner during the day and relax while reading your favorite book or you can even transform the headboard to an extra storage space during the night by filling it with boxes of books. It’s so appreciated that people are always ingenious and creative and they come up with beautiful solutions for basically anything. This one is a little more elaborate and also more sophisticate than the others.{found on bornrich}.

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