Wavy Roof Lets Nature Come Inside

The house offers a unique visage over the beautiful forests and fields located in this house. It was a project by Sao Paulo-based architects Andrade Cristiano Bauucchi and Vão Paulo Arra Studio.

The interesting thing about this residence is that, even though it was built in 2008, it only dates to 2010. It’s a residence that seems to have been put together a while ago. It still has a lot of historical value but it’s beginning to look modern.

The house is located in the beautiful city of São Paulo, Brazil. The project was developed by the architects at Bahir-Bisalis Design. The reason why they didn’t include the garden in the design was because they weren’t taking into consideration that this is actually a new residence and they wanted it to integrate more into the urban landscape.

The architects were also not discouraged by the ban on tall building enclosures. The garden was already very large so they took it one step at a time and they inserted a second one along a central wall that contains the garden. They then created a small enclosed patio. This zone serves as a sort of continuation between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The patio has a cedar fence that protects the interior spaces and protects the house from excessive sunlight and plays on the harmonious combination of materials. As for the interior design, we can only see trace designs created by Corporate and Imatiba in collaboration with A.I.S. Design. The extension that was already in use was a very damaged staircase with a curvy staircase spiraling through the stairs and hanging on the wall. The rest of the staircase is a black structure that continues outside through a corridor. The rest of the staircase is a modern structure with simple, modern and stylish curves and an overall organic shape with a harmony with the surroundings.

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